All orders ship within 48-72 hours and typically deliver within 5-7 business days once the order has shipped.

Frames are factory preassembled as one piece.  The individual ribs, crank, and hardware are preassembled to the frame and not available as a separate component for purchase. The frames units are available for purchase under replacement parts.

If the lights have stopped working on your Proshade Solar LED Umbrella, please make sure the lights are turned off while the umbrella is charging either with sunlight exposure to the solar panel or using the AC Adapter.  If you continue to experience an issue, please contact customerservice@proshade.com.

Proshade 10′ Instant Canopy hardware components are sold in sets and not available to purchase a single nut or bolt.

Proshade can not match Costco Wholesale pricing.

Sunbrella fabric is water resistant but not water proof.  Please see Sunbrella care instructions for more information of how to care for your umbrella.


Proshade products are unique to the Proshade brand and are not a universal fit to other manufacture’s brands. If you do not have a Proshade umbrella or canopy, the replacement parts on Proshade.com will not be compatible.

The string for the Proshade 10′ Market Umbrella is part of the frame assembly and can not be accessed to restring the umbrella.  The frames units are available for purchase under replacement parts.

Proshade offers a 2-year warranty for manufacture defects for Proshade items purchased at Costco or on Proshade.com only.  Items purchased from liquidation or second hand stores do not qualify for warranty coverage.

We can arrange for special shipments to UK and Europe.  Please contact customerservice@proshade.com for information of how to place your order.

If your umbrella is outside of the 2-year warranty period, please see the replacement components available on Proshade.com.  All orders include free ground shipping within the continental US.

We do not offer an umbrella base at this time; however, we recommend checking with your local patio shop or Costco.com for an appropriate base.  The Proshade 10′ Market and 10′ LED has a 1.5″ pole diameter and the Proshade 11′ Market and 11′ LED has a 2″ pole diameter.  You will want to make sure the umbrella base you purchase can accommodate this pole diameter.  We recommend a base weight of at least 50lbs to ensure the stability of your umbrella, even if using the umbrella with a patio table.

We have listed the matching Costco item in the product descriptions.   Please also see Photo Swatches with fabric name and Sunbrella fabric number from the main menu.

The tilt function is achieved with the pole remaining stationary while the canopy is rotated. The umbrella should be as secure as possible in the base.  It is helpful to have one person hold the pole while another rotates the canopy.  If you continue to experience difficulty, please contact customerservice@proshade.com.

Assemble the rod by attaching all 3 pieces and insert in the slit along the seem of the cover next to the zipper.  This allows the user to easily lift the cover over the top of the umbrella.

Please see our return policy located at the main menu.