FAQ – 11ft Wood Umbrella

Video Instruction (11ft Wood Umbrella and 11ft Aluminum Umbrella has same assembly and operation functions):

  1. What is the canopy made from? 


  1. What is the round ball on the top of the canopy called and can it be replaced? 


  1. The ribs on my umbrella are broken, can I replace them? 


  1. What type of wood are the pole and ribs made from? 

The pole is made from North American hardwood.


  1. Can any components be replaced on my umbrella? 


  1. What is the diameter of the umbrella pole and can I use it in a table? 

The diameter is 48mm.  It is not recommended to use in a patio table.  If used in a patio table, always use with an umbrella base and lower in windy condition.


  1. My Canopy will not go up or down.  Why? 

The wood umbrella pole can sometimes swell in wet conditions. This will not allow the hub to move up and down on the pole so the canopy cannot open or close.  When dry conditions return the umbrella pole will usually return to the original size and can open and close again.


  1. Should I use an umbrella base? 

Yes, an umbrella base is recommended for use at all times.


  1. Can the wood Market Umbrella tilt? 

Yes, firmly fix the pole and then rotate the canopy clockwise or counterclockwise to tilt.  The canopy has a two-position tilt.  Please reference video instruction and assembly instructions.


  1. Can I buy Proshade items somewhere besides Costco?

All Proshade items are available for purchase on proshade.com.


  1. Please reference attached assembly instructions for Care, Maintenance and Assembly.  Please read carefully and make yourself familiar with these instructions.