FAQ – 11ft Cantilever Umbrella

Video Instruction:

What is the canopy made from? 


Can I replace the canopy on my umbrella if it is damaged? 

The ribs on my umbrella are broken, can I replace them? 


What are the pole and ribs made from? 

The pole and ribs are made from Aluminum.


Can any components be replaced on my umbrella? 

Yes.  The replacement components are available for purchase on proshade.com.  Please go to Components page for all options.


I lost the crank to my umbrella can I get a replacement?

Yes, crank is available for purchase on proshade.com.


Can I get a replacement cover?

Yes, cover is available for purchase on proshade.com.  


What are the three fiberglass rods for? 

The rods will attach together and are then used as the support for the umbrella cover.  Please reference Assembly Instructions Page 11.


Why does my canopy not stay open? 

Check if the fixed ring is placed upside down. Check to see if the pole is fully seated into the base.  If it is not fully seated and at a slight angle this can impact the performance.  Also, make sure your umbrella is sitting on a level surface. 

The Stopping Gear might be damaged. Please find Stopping Gear in Components Page. 


Why does my umbrella not lock on base?

Please check if the fixed ring is placed upside down. The threaded side must be placing upward to lock the umbrella. Please refer to video instruction or Page 4 on Instruction Manual. 


What is the base made from?

The base is made from Poly Ethylene (plastic)


How do I fill the base for weight?

We recommend to fill the base with sand and then wet it down with water so it can be packed down.  Fill the base 1/3 with sand, wet and pack, repeat until full. Do not overuse water.  Make the sand wet enough to pack firmly. Refer to Assembly Instruction page 3.


Can the Cantilever Umbrella tilt?  

Yes, the canopy can tilt by using the crank handle.  Please refer to video instruction and Assembly Instruction Page 7.


Can the Cantilever umbrella rotate? 

Yes, refer to video instruction and Assembly instructions, Page 9.  Loosen the locking ring at the top of the base which will free the fixed ring and you can rotate the canopy.  After placing in the right position retighten the locking ring to engage the fixed ring.


Can I buy Proshade items somewhere besides Costco?

All Proshade items are available for purchase on proshade.com.


Please reference attached assembly instructions for Care, Maintenance and Assembly.  Please read carefully and make yourself familiar with these instructions.