FAQ – 10×10 Instant Canopy

FAQ’s for the 10 x 10 Instant Canopy.   May also be referred to as a Folding Canopy, Folding Shelter or a Pop Up Canopy.


Video Instruction:

What is the frame made from? 

Frame is made from Aluminum with a Durable Powder Coat paint


What is the fabric top and sidewalls made from? 

The top and side walls are made from Polyester. The top is 600 Denier polyester and the Side walls are 150 Denier polyester.


How many side walls are provided when purchased? 

4 side walls plus the top. The sidewalls can be connected by the durable zippers to form an enclosed shelter.

Sidewalls and top are available for purchase on Costco.com and proshade.com.


Can the canopy fit back in the storage bag once the top and side walls are attached? 

Yes, the bag is designed to expand so after the top and side walls are put on the frame it can still be folded and stored in the bag, however, we recommend the top and side walls be removed, folded and stored separately in the storage bag.


Are the top and side walls Flame Retardant?

Yes, they are flame retardant and tested to comply with CPAI-84 standard.


What is the size of the canopy? 

The canopy is 10’ x 10’ in width and has legs that telescope from 7’2” to 10’8”


If a leg or truss is broken can it be replaced? 

Yes, all legs and trusses can be replaced. Please refer to instructions on instruction manual page for correct parts.

All legs and trusses are available for purchase on proshade.com.


Are there components on the frame that can be replaced if bent or damaged? 

Yes, most parts can be replaced. Please go to components page on proshade.com for all options.


What is the name banner made from? 

Polyester and clear PVC.


I’m having a problem opening my canopy.

Make sure to follow the assembly instructions.  A video instruction is also provided on proshade.com. The top must be left loose and cannot be fully stretched tight over the frame until the frame legs are snapped into place.  If the top is tight it will put tension on the frame and make it difficult to fully open.


What is the weight and dimensions when the canopy is in the roller’s bag?

The weight is 54 lb, and the dimensions are 51 x 10 x 15 inch. 


Can I buy Proshade items somewhere besides Costco?

All Proshade items are available for purchase on proshade.com.


Please make special note of Safety precautions and care instructions on page 1 of the assembly instructions.